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Updated: Jan 13

Hello everyone, and a specially warm welcome to quite a few new subscribers, I see!

I hope it doesn't sound cynical to wish you a Happy New Year in such uncertain and difficult times. It's all getting a bit close to home here: three members of my family have tested positive for Covid now, and I am furloughed from my school near London, where the health services are extremely stretched indeed.

I don't quite know why, but I find myself thinking back to some dark days in my childhood. My Dad was seriously ill and we had very little money in those days. Looking back, I could say I was raised in a kind of lockdown, so I've had some sort of 'training' for what we're going through now. It was partly because of that time that I became a keen reader, and then of course a writer, so there was definitely a silver lining to that cloud, even after my Dad died. As I write I can still see many of his favourite books sitting on my shelf. The things of real value stand the test of time.

But I don't want to get morbid: I also want to look forward. Knowing that many of you will be stuck at home now, possibly cash-strapped, it's more important than ever to show a bit of solidarity and hopefully offer some comfort, even from a distance.

January is a month when in the Northern Hemisphere the days are slowly starting to draw out, but even so the nights are still cold and damp and chilly.

Here is a great Mixed Bag Publishing promo, with many titles greatly reduced, or even free to download. As usual, a pretty eclectic mix of genres!

Meanwhile I'm working on an exciting new book project at the moment that sort of straddles the fiction/non-fiction divide, and also taking some online courses to keep my mind sharp. And I'm happy to say that I've stuck with the Couch to 10k running app. I'm now running for 60 minutes without a break! So even though I'm really slow, I'm pleased to be making progress.

And of course, the funky sock knitting continues!

Finally, If you're new to my website, my novella The Secret Blueprint is available for free download here. It's great to have you on board!

Stay safe, stay sane, stay well, and Happy Reading until next time. If you'd prefer a Kindle Mobi file of the book, just email me at clareblanchardbooks at gmail dot com and I'll email you the file.

Clare :)

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