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Brno, that quirky, must-visit city!

Located in the southern part of the Czech lands in a region called Moravia, Brno (Brunn in German) is the second largest city in Czechia after Prague, with a population of around 380,000.

From a tourist standpoint, it is being recommended more and more as an alternative to Prague for a cheaper, calmer break. National Geographic describes Brno as a quirky city with plenty of buzz.

According to Lonely Planet, Brno is getting more attractive to visitors and university students as a city that offers great café and night life and excellent value for money for living expenses. A typical example would be the Mitte hostel and café, located in Panska street, right in the city centre, making it an ideal base for visitors.

But you don’t have to take my word for it! Here’s an Honest Guide to Brno on Youtube!

Airbnb have some fabulous listings for Brno accommodation, many located right in the city centre, and most of them excellent value for money.

Brno is mentioned in The Tainted Vintage, when Detective Janska goes to Brno to interview one of the grandmothers in the murder victim’s family, as well as Game of Genes, when Curfew takes a trip to Brno and to Vinice to meet up with Detectives Dambo and Dvorska, among other things.

Some of the action takes place in the Café Momenta, which has to be one of the best cafes in Brno. It is part of the Hotel Grandezza complex in the Cabbage Market in the city centre.

I have very happy memories of stopping there for coffee and cake, or scrambled eggs in the morning, on my way to an exhibition or a shopping trip.

Best ways to get to Brno:

Ryanair fly from London Stansted to Brno Turany airport

Regiojet train or bus to Brno from Prague or Vienna

Railjet train to Brno from Prague or Vienna. Direct trains also from Hamburg and Berlin in Germany.

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