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Game of Genes
It's bad enough you’re from a family of rich bankers, without having to deal with secret genetic engineering factories in the Dakotas.
Especially when you wake up one morning after a tab of E and find you're thinking in Hebrew.
Follow the adventures of the Vanpyre family as they wrestle with the Dark Side of money and power.

“Brilliant, strange and fantastic..."

“Deep…”; “Laugh out loud funny…..”

If you enjoy more experimental writing styles and brilliant writing …then this is the book for you.”

J.S. Menefee, author of the Rephaim: Bloodlines series


How we saved the world from a bunch of fallen angels.
With a little help from an Asian butler, some seriously cool multi-player computer games and a little (well a lot) of help from a thing called the Philosophers’ Guild. It’s up to you if you want to believe the rest.
But just bear in mind: we become what we believe.

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