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Clare Blanchard Author and Private Tutor


Clare Blanchard

I'm Clare Blanchard, a creative writing wizard, author of crime novels, ESL teacher and funky sock knitter. 


Hailing from Bronte territory in Yorkshire, England and now residing in the Czech Republic's wine-growing south, I have an affinity for taking history and biblical themes and adding dark themes and humour that will surprise readers everywhere! 


When I’m not spinning noir tales or teaching advanced English learners with partner organisations such as the Achievers Chamber, you can find me enjoying craft beers, fine wines and skiing across snowy landscapes…or of course, knitting up some funky socks to end the day just right!  It's an interesting mix for sure that never fails to spark up story ideas for writing.


As an Oxford-educated, professional writer with decades of educational experience, help students craft creative writing story examples as well as esol practice tests and esol online test preparation.  


Areas of Expertise

I specialise in preparing ambitious pupils for entrance exams at elite institutions as well as honing the language skills of those whose second language is English.


With a passion for helping students reach their goals, I'm dedicated to creating tailored tutoring plans that are uniquely customised for each student. No two student’s paths will be the same! Furthermore, I recognize and empathise with concerned parents who want only the best educational experience for their child- which is why my services come complete with trustworthiness from start to finish.


Together we'll create an effective system of pre-admission and post admission support so your youngster can thrive in the future school of their choosing.  


My Commitment To My Students & Their Families

I strive to build strong, personal connections with both parents and students by providing tailored communication services. My goal is for everyone involved to experience positive outcomes not just in terms of results but also through a welcoming environment where work feels like play!


Contact me today to learn more about my private tutoring services.  


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In addition to my writing and private tutoring, I also help run engaging English language events on the Achievers Chamber.  A platform for advanced English learners hosted on Discord.  

This platform provides students with a fun and interactive environment with like minded students and learners to try their hand at easy English story writing, practice writing for ielts and more.


With many talented hosts such as Zdenek Lukas and writers like myself, students have experts ready and waiting to assist them on their English writing journey.  


A creative writing journey begins in a supported space of creativity and connectivity.  Join us today on Discord

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